Myofascial Release

The Importance of Myofascial Release

  By John F. Barnes, PT,LMT,NCTMB

Piezoelectricity, Mechanotransduction, Phase Transition, Chaos Therapy, and ultimately Resonance are the key components in changing and improving healthcare as we know it! The effectiveness of Myofascial Release has created a large, unprecedented acceptance throughout the world. Science is now verifying the principles that I have been teaching for over 40 years. The importance of sustaining pressure at the restricted barrier to create “phase transition”; is paramount for lasting results and stimulates the production of Interleukin 8 which is the body’s natural anti-inflammatory. This begins to explain the profound results that one receives when Myofascial Release is performed.

Other forms of therapy, massage, modalities and exercise do not engage the fascial restriction long enough to stimulate the phenomena of piezoelectricity, mechanotransduction, chaos, and phase transition which ultimately leads to resonance. Resonance is essential for the reduction of pain, increase in range of motion, and for authentic healing to occur. The stimulation of this phenomenon is significant and is quite different from what we have learned in the past.


Piezoelectricity is a Greek word which means pressure electricity. It is a well-known fact that each of our cells is crystalline in nature. When you place pressure into a crystal it creates an electrical flow. The sustained pressure of my Approach to Myofascial Release coupled with the essential time element creates a bioelectrical flow in our body, in other words, the motion of our mind which leads into mechanotransduction.


Mechanotransduction; sustained mechanical pressure can also create biochemical changes within our bodies. Importantly, Myofascial Release produces Interleukin 8, our bodies own natural anti-inflammatory agent.
Research has show that inflammation is an important part of the healing process. However, when inflammation has been thwarted it tends to solidify the ground substance of the fascial system which should be fluid. This then blocks healing and over time tends to continue to solidify into crushing restrictions that produce the symptoms that our clients/patients present. Returning to cause, it is not enough to just treat the effect or symptoms any longer (traditional therapy).

Phase Transition

These two occurrences, piezoelectricity and mechanotransduction dove tail together and then Phase Transition takes place. This is the phenomena of ice transforming into water. In our bodies a similar occurrence happens. The solidification of the ground substance becomes more fluid allowing the tissue to rehydrate and to glide taking crushing pressure (approximately 2,000 pounds per square inch) off pain sensitive structures.

Chaos Theory

Everything in traditional medicine and therapy insisted upon order and control. However; true growth and healing cannot occur in a controlled, orderly way.

“Systems Theory” states that nature goes through continuous periods of order; chaos, order, chaos, etc. It is in the “Chaotic Phase” that reorganization occurs. The system then returns to a higher level of order.

For Phase Transition to occur there is a period of chaos when ice transforms into water or in our body for the solidified ground substance of the fascial system to transform into a more viscous/fluid state.


When one person touches another person their vibratory rates are quite different on the molecular level, however with sustained pressure at the fascial restriction, the vibratory rates will become identical creating resonance. Resonance is the very essence of my Approach to Myofascial Release. This is what I call a “Release.” Release occurs both in the cranial area and throughout the body. Resonance unfortunately does not occur in other forms of therapy due to the sheer fact that these other forms of therapy are too quick, hence providing only temporary results. The good news is the Myofascial Release coupled with other forms of therapy, exercise, massage; bodywork and energy techniques will enhance your effectiveness.

It is so important to learn the “art” of locating the fascial restrictions which are totally unique to each individual. Combine this with the proper amount of sustained pressure and your patients and clients will have the profound and lasting results that they deserve.

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