Gel-PS If I am injured and need the First Aid Kit, this is the first thing I grab.  I burned my finger on the oven rack taking a roast out for Easter and the pain was searing, and the flesh went white.  I grabbed the bottle of Gel and applied, and applied, and applied every time it was absorbed.  The pain stopped instantly, and in a couple of hours it was not tender any more. The next morning I just had a healed blister.

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Mineral Salts work great for an alternative Deodorant. The crystal stones have been around for a while now.  But maybe you, like me, preferred sprays or a roll-on.  Now, you have the options you asked for!  Great deodorant that works, in the form of your choice.

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You put a lot of effort into eating better, and removing toxins from your life. Now remove toxins from your clothes and bedding and towels –  all the stuff that touches your skin.

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