I have been going to Susan for about a month, she has been very helpful in reducing my pain resulting from surgical scar tissue. I would certainly recommend her if traditional medicine is not helping you with pain symptoms.

Wayne Carpenter


I was in excruciating pain from a muscle spasm that had encapsulated my sciatic nerve. I couldn’t stand, walk, or even sleep. After trying many things, I remembered my daughter’s experience with Susan, and so I called, almost in tears. She saw me immediately and after one session, I could stand up straight, and after two sessions I could walk normally! It was amazing and SUCH a relief! We have continued treatment to resolve the underlying issues so I can continue to improve and avoid a relapse. Thanks so much Susan, for your kindness, patience and gentle spirit! Diane

Diane Thomsen Anderson


After 3 surgeries on my hip including a total hip replacement and revision dealing with the healing muscles was quite a challenge.  With the back to back surgeries the muscles didn’t have a chance to heal before the next surgery was done.  Living on pain pills was not an option and physical therapy was not giving the expected results.

It wasn’t until I went through massage therapy that I finally experienced relief from the pain.  The slow methodical treatment proved to be my lifesaver from pain.  No more pain pills or steroids any more.  Susan Hopper of Ocean Sands Wellness Center gave me my life back free of pain.

Susan has a gentle touch and the patience to persistence it takes to help a person work through tough and at times debilitating pain.  If it wasn’t for Susan I wouldn’t be walking and living free of pain.

I would not hesitate to recommend Susan Hopper of Ocean Sands Wellness Center to anyone who is experiencing pain of any kind.  There is such a thing as living “pain free”.

Thank you Susan for all you have done.

Debbie Jackson


When I couldn’t stand Susan helped me. I was amazed I was pain free when she finished she has healing hands!

Regena Avila


To date I have had 8 sessions with Susan. I am amazed at the progress we have made with my conditions and her therapy methods. They work. I see and feel the results. I would recommend her alternative treatments. She is professional, educational, thorough, caring, sensitive. What a blessing to have here in our area. I am a believer!

Carol Rowald


I asked Susan Hopper to get me some paper so I could testify to her massage therapy skills. I’ve seen massage therapists off and on for 10 years and I have to say that she truly provides “therapy”. Often I tell friends that a session is more like physical therapy than massage. She has helped correct muscles problems in my neck, throat and back.  And if I can speak for my husband, I believe she’s the reason he is walking without back pain today. He injured his back last September and after seeing a chiropractor, he decided to try massage.  He truly was afraid he might not be able to walk or play with our two small children again. Susan was tireless and innovative in loosening up several muscle groups over a few sessions. I’m sure this wasn’t easy since my husband is 6’5” and 220+ lbs.

Thank you Susan for your abilities and ministry of healing!

Elaine Fish


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